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Spindrift Step-In Dog Harness- 9 color options


Collars aren't right for every dog- if your dog needs the security of a harness, the Spindrift Step-In Harness is a great option. Forget buckles and pulling on over the head, this harness is designed to be put on in one easy step: Just lay harness flat on the floor, then walk your dog over the harness and lift the harness up, buckling the quick-release clip over the shoulders. Our favorite feature about this harness is that the pressure is totally transferred from the buckle to the solid metal snap of your leash, via a double ring closure. The Step-in Harness is a great solution for puppies in training, determined leash pullers, and dogs who slip their collar over their head.


  • *Round Edges - Tubular nylon has no edges to irritate.
  • *Stainless steel D-rings and slides.
  • *Double ring closure prevents possibility of buckle failure.
  • *No part of the harness rests over the trachea or esophagus


**Note that harnesses are sized by dog's girth (the total girth of the dog's chest, when measurement is taken just behind elbows)**

Spindrift collars are manufactured in unique jewel tones and muted color tones. If you need a leash that matches these colors exactly, purchase one of several styles of Spindrift brand leashes. 

Collar Sizes Measurements
Small 15" - 21"
Medium 20" - 32"
Large 28" - 40"