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Dogs Collars and Leashes for ALL Dogs

Unlike most style-minded pet stores, our size options don’t end at the medium sized dog! Our dog collars are made to fit a wide range of sizes from petite pups all the way up to giant dog breeds. ALL our collars are made by small businesses that manufacture their products in the USA. We specialize in hard to find dog collar styles and sizes. In 2004 we created and pioneered a buckle martingale design. Our buckle martingale designs can be found in any size from teacup to – you may have guessed it – extra big dogs.

Whether your dog is a family pet who loves wearing seasonal collars, a companion that you love to show off in elegant & classic styles, a soon to be obedience champion that needs a great training collar to get them there, a guard dog in need of an extra tough dog collar, or a working dog that needs professional grade equipment, we have a collar and leash perfect for your dog.

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  • Luxury Leather Padded Leather Collar or Leash

    Luxury Leather Padded Leather Leash

    $60.00$70.00 Select options

  • Presidential Candidate Dog/Cat Toys - Hillary & Donald

    Presidential Candidate Dog/Cat Toys – Hillary & Donald

    $10.00$34.00 Select options

Breed Specific Collars and Leashes

Show off your breed pride with a lanyard or key chain that lets the world know you are a proud owner of a dog. Simply type the breed of your dog in the search bar bellow and find all the breed specific dog collars, accessories, and toys.

Don’t want to settle for a plain dog collar? This section contains dog collars and other items that can be engraved and uniquely personalized.

  • Engraved Perri's Padded Leather Collar

    Engraved Perri’s Padded Leather Collar – 23 Colors

    Select options

  • Perri's Padded Leather Dog Leash

    Engraved Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Leash – 21 Colors

    Select options

Want a fancy leather collar? Take a look at this list of leather collars and leashes!

Articles and Documents

Our articles and documents contain information and tips to help you tackle any challenge that might come up with your dog. You can find information on many topics including training tips, grooming tips, food recommendations, and of course guides to help you find the appropriate dog collars and accessories. This section is constantly being updated so don’t forget to check back for new tips to make life easier for you and your dog.

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All Of Our Collars Are Proudly Made In The USA.