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pill buddy


Most dogs like to avoid medication time, they are smart and can detect the smallest of pills even when stuck on a piece of meat. But we don't always have a piece of meat available to attempt the frustrating task of pill time in hopes it will be swallowed. PillBuddy treats are designed to make medication time enjoyable and make everyone walk away feeling good. Can be used with tablets or capsules, the pill can be pushed into the soft treat to make an easy, tasty treat that can be swallowed whole without the bitter taste of medicine be detected.

 Pill Buddies are wrapped in individual pairs to prevent drying and preserve freshness. Treats are ‘marinated’ in an exclusive blend of natural ingredients called Nature’s Sauce™. Nature’s Sauce™ provides excellent mouth-feel, impact and texture; providing a unique surface for the treat to be swallowed whole.

 free of corn, wheat, and soy

Made in Canada

Vet approved formula