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Multi-Function All Weather Dog Leash 6 ft.


The most versatile leash ever! This 6 ft multifunction dog leash can be used many ways: Standard leash Snap hook to dee ring and sling over shoulder Wear around the waist for a hands-free walking leash Walk 2 dogs, hold in center, and snap one end to each dog Snap to "floating ring" and use as slip leash or for tethering outside a shop. Snap to one dee ring and make it a 51" leash Can be used as a harness/lead combo (instructions included Snap to the other dee ring and make it a 60 " leash.

This leash is hand-made by craftsmen in the 3rd generation US small business where these leashes are made. Made using an all weather material that has the feel and flexibility of leather without the maintenance. Will not rot & can be washed back to it's original color with a hose!

This leash is custom made when ordered, please allow 3-5 days for shipping and do note that sales are final. usamade Availability: Requires about 4 days to ship.