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Leather 2-Dog Walker- No Tangle Double Dog Leash- USA made

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When walking multiple dogs, using a coupler makes walks must easier! Dogs tend to behave better when walking side by side.  This innovative double dog walker is a leash and coupler all in one.

Link your dogs by attaching the coupler to each dog’s collar and you and your dogs are ready to walk. Swivel design allows leash to twist without tangling.

  • Burgundy Latigo Leather
  • 12" handle
  • individual 48" legs
  • USA made
  • total length 60"
  • Solid brass hardware


 This set includes:

One 12-inch handle and two 48-inch legs. Accommodate more dogs by purchasing Additional Legs


Available in the following Sizes:

Small 1/2″ x 60″; and Large 3/4″ x 60″