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Premium Crunchy USA Sourced Dog Chew

We don't like traditional rawhides, they are unsafe and cannot be digested quickly in a dogs tummy. Most are bleached out and provide no nutritional value at all! Treat Planets Premium Dog Chews are easily digestible and have the chewy, crunchy texture that dogs love! 

The unique process Treat Planet uses , breaks down USA sourced rawhide into little bits and blends it with quality proteins sourced from American farms. The bits of rawhide provide great taste and texture. 

  • USA sourced ingredients
  • Easy to digest
  • No artificial colors, fillers, or preservatives
  • Limited ingredient treat
  • 7" in length


Fits perfectly in our West Paw Qwizl Dog Puzzle toy


Ingredients: rawhide, protein ( duck, rabbit, or deer), caramel coloring, salt