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Sleighbell Harness Strap- Doggie Door Training Bells


We are in love with the sleigh bell straps our favorite leather collar/harness company makes!  Sleigh bells straps make charming doggie doorbells (for your dog to paw or nudge when she wants to be let out). 

Ever notice how the bells in big box stores and holiday shops just don't have the rich, resonant sound that old fashioned bells did? It's because most "bells" are now made of tin and manufactured overseas. These sleighbell straps ring true and much clearer because they are made in the USA- and priced at a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay in antique shops for "real" sleighs bells straps.

The leather is thick bridle leather which is rigid but extremely soft & durable. Perfect for hanging on doors or ringing by hand- and beautiful enough for display all year.