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Bear Bell - Safety Alert for Hiking with Dogs


Most bears and dangerous wild animals will retreat if given warning rather than being startled by a face to face confrontation.   Bear bells are traditionally used by dog owners to keep dogs safe when walking or working in the habitat of larger predators.   We think they are also great for giving squirrels and rabbits advance warning, thus preventing dogs from giving chase and becoming lost.

Collar bells are also great for locating an off leash dog in brush or tall grass.   This Bear Bell is made for the large breed dog (for smaller dogs, check out our smaller Jingle Bell Collar Charm), and works well on dogs with a heavy coat where the bell needs some drop from the collar in order to sound clearly.  

Available in buckle-on or snap-on for the same price.   We suggest buckle-on if the bell will be left on (useful in the home, particularly on puppies) or snap-on if it will only go on for hiking.

We carry three bells- this Bear Bell , Sportsman Bell, and the Giant Alpine Bell.    The bear bell is a bright jingle- the heavy metal construction means the sound carries well and doesn't sound tinny, the sportsman bell has a similar sound but creates a less constant ringing sound than the jingling bear bell.