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Australian Shepherd Dog Collar or Leash


If you LOVE your Australian Shepherd, what better way to show your pride that with a dog collar with Aussies right on it? This 3/4 inch wide dog breed collar features a machine washable woven trim stitched onto durable nylon webbing. The trim features Australian Shepherds standing (in the typical conformation stance), demonstrating their skill at agility in a scene showing an Aussie running through a set of weave poles, and herding sheep. Our Australian Shepherd Breed Collar is such a fun way to show you love your breed!

 This collar will fit any standard sized Australian Shepherd. 

Available as an adjustable buckle dog collar or matching leash. Can be ordered when Out of Stock. Generally ships within a week.


leash and collar sold separately
To purchase both, first add collar to cart, then return and add leash to cart.