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Angry Bear Mighty Tough Dog Toy

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Angy because he's still soft even though he may be the toughest around.. or angry because he still get called cute.. who knows! But this guy is tough!  He may be plush on the outside, but all the durability features are internal, making him Mighty strong.  When he gets dirty or slobbery, just toss him in the washing machine, he'll come out ready for round 2!

 Jr Dura-Scale: 7
For Dogs: 
Jr Size: 
3” x 6.5” x 7.5”
Squeakers: 0

Reg Dura-Scale: 8
For Dogs: Med-Large
Reg Size: 4” x 8” x 12.8”
Squeakers: 1

“Veterinarian Recommended and Approved”

Mighty Toy Construction: Durability is created for each toy with multiple layers of flexible materials. Compared to other toys, Mighty Dog Toys have no hard edges. The result is that these toys do not promote chewing - great when you're trying to discourage chewing habits.