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Alpine Bell- Large collar bell for giant breed dogs


This collar bell is a high quality reproduction of the traditional bells once worn by St Bernards in native Switzerland.  The bell itself is 2-3/4" high by 2-1/4" wide and is made of cast brass (most bells are thinner spun metal) and has a beautiful tone.

Never lose your dog in brush, snow drifts, or sand dunes again- just follow the sound!   This Collar Bell is made for xlarge and giant breeds (for smaller dogs, check out our smaller Jingle Bell Collar Charm).  

This style of bell tends to ring clearly even on long coats, which can sometimes muffle sleigh-bell style bells.   Bell and hardware are brass and will not corrode.   A heavy, high quality 1" wide leather strap offers easy on off.   Can be buckled directly onto collars up to 2.5" wide.  

Also heavy duty enough for use on livestock. We carry three bells- The Bear BellSportsman Bell, and the Giant Alpine Bell.  

The bear bell is a bright jingle- the heavy metal construction means the sound carries well and doesn't sound tinny, the sportsman bell has a similar sound but creates a less constant ringing sound than the jingling bear bell.  The manufacturer reports that this sound carries farther than the bear bell.  The large alpine bell is a very large, solid brass bell that "dings" rather than jingles. It is suitable for use on livestock and has a higher pitch than a cowbell.