No Hide Stix - rawhide alternative chews for small dogs

No Hide Stix - rawhide alternative chews for small dogs
No Hide Stix - rawhide alternative chews for small dogs
No Hide Stix - rawhide alternative chews for small dogs

No Hide Stix - rawhide alternative chews for small dogs

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Earth Animal No Hide Stix are loaded with flavor and are formulated to provide dogs with a healthier, better alternative to Rawhide. It is a long lasting, easily digestible chew and is made with humanely raised chicken. The chicken has been carefully rolled, cooked, and uniquely dried for a one of a kind chew your dog will love!

Each piece is made from American farm-raised chicken with no added hormones, steroids or chemicals. These chews can also promote healthy teeth and gums by assisting in the removal of plaque and tarter during chewing sessions. We always suggest giving No-Hides or any chews under supervision. Earth Animal No-Hides are Proudly Made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

This size is appropriate for Teacup / Small Dogs and Cats Up to 15 lbs

Product Benefits:

  • Easily Digestible
  • Durable, Long-Lasting Chew
  • Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • Made with Real American Farm-Raised Chicken
  • No Chemicals or Additives


Delicious. Durable. Digestible. Our No-Hides® deliver a healthy, long-lasting chewable bliss for dogs (and cats!) of all shapes and sizes. We call it No-Hide® Nirvana.

There’s no hiding it!

No-Hides® are carefully blended with 7 pure & simple ingredients, hand-rolled, baked, coated, air-dried and packed with love in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Oh So Satisfying

Long-lasting chewing helps prevent the Big B (Boredom!). That's why these chews offer a joyously satisfying experience for your four-legged friends. Millions of dogs & cats agree!

Healthy & Happy

A healthy pet is a happy pet. Trust us, our No-Hide® chews are free of any animal hide, formaldehydes, bleaches, or chemicals. No hormones or steroids. Ever. We promise. That's why these are the best dog treats on the planet!

Easily Digestible

No-Hide® chews for dogs and cats are made with only natural, nutritious ingredients that are easily digestible. No-Hide® averaged 80% digestibility after 8 hours compared to 18% digestibility for rawhide. We love that.

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