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Rolled Leather Combination / Choke Dog Collar- USA Made


This stunning collar works like a choke chain but has a smoother action than chain collars and is infinitely classier!  Because the leather is smooth, a leather choke collar releases instantly and smoothly- unlike a choke chain which can lock or catch on links of chain.

Top quality bridle leather is used to create these Leather Choke Collars.  Bridle leather offers superior strength, durability, and beauty than typical grades of leather used for dog collars.

Rolled Leather Choke Collars are appropriate for training, but are equally useful as an easy on / easy off collars for everyday use. Just like Auburn's standard Rolled Leather Collars, the Rolled Leather Choke Collars are designed for dogs with long fur because the smooth, rolled design will not mat the fur.  These collars are just as comfortable - and beautiful - on a dog with short fur, as well. 

Sizing Information

This collar is a beautiful and well reviewed collar, but is nearly impossible to fit by guessing.  Measure your dog before ordering to get a perfect fit. (No cloth measuring tape? No problem- see How to Measure your Dog's Neck Without a Tape Measure) If your dog is between sizes, round up!

Size: Fits Necks Measuring
16 12 to 14 inches  
18 14 to 18 inches  
20 14 to 20 inches  
22 16 to 22 inches  
24 18 to 24 inches  
26 20 to 26 inches