How To Help Your Pet Beat The Heat

During the summer season everyone is hot including your pets. It can be difficult to understand how your pet feels, but they may show some signs of over heating. This could be in the form of drooling, excessive panting, weakness and even vomiting. Here are a few ways to help your pet beat the heat:

1. Avoid walks during the hottest time of the day. Instead of an afternoon walk maybe try an early morning or late evening walk when both you and your pet can be more comfortable outside. Try taking a travel bowl with water for your pet as well for an extra boost of hydration.
2. If it is too hot for your feet, it is too hot for theirs. A common misconception is that animals feet are made to withstand the natural ground, but this is not true. Your dog's paws can burn just like your feet so it is very important to protect theirs as well.
3. Maintain their coat. Check with your groomer before cutting your dog's hair. Some dogs have a dual layer coat that is made to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter and cutting their hair is much more harmful to them than the good you think you might be doing. If you do choose to give your dog a summer hair cut you should not cut it shorter than 1 inch. Cutting their hair too short could expose them to the suns harmful rays. 

 4. Look into purchasing a cooling mat. A cooling mat is essentially a bed for your dog but it is made to help cool them down and keep them comfortable during the warm weather.
5. Give them cold/frozen treats. Dogs love treats! We love popsicles and ice cream to keep us cool and so do your pets. Try freezing something in one of your pets favorite treat toys or visit our store for special pup ice cream. Start with yogurtpeanut butter, or fresh fruit! This is a great way to keep your pet cool and give them a tasty snack. 

It is so important to care for your pets and take precautions in extreme weather to make sure they are comfortable. These are just a few tips to get you started caring for your pet this summer!