Holistic, Alternative Therapies for Dogs

  Naturopathic alternatives for daily health care and healing for dogs and cats is becoming more widely known for the positive results being reported. Many pet parents are looking for a safe, natural approach to their pets specific needs. Products that can not only help with individual issues, but also provide additional nutrients needed to live the best life possible. 

  Although most look to CBD for conditions that their pet is suffering from currently, many are using the oil for preventative care as a way to ensure the best quality of life for their fur babies. Costly, often addictive, prescription medications can leave a parent feeling frustrated. The pharmaceuticals can lead to more problems , shortening the life of the furry patient. The best way to treat conditions is through healing the body from the inside out. Making changes in quality of food and adding supplements that are lacking in the system are a great way to start the healing.  Parents are feeling empowered to find natural, healthy alternatives that aren't addictive or dangerous. 

  Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an oil extracted from the Hemp Plant, not the marijuana hybrids. CBD does not contain THC,  psychoactive effect of getting high will not be found with CBD use.  The full spectrum of cannabinoids from Hemp activates your pets enndocannabinoid system. Simply put, these are neurotransmitters that bind to receptors connecting the nervous system, regulating cognitive process. When these neurotransmitters are effectively activated, Homeostasis occurs, allowing full communication and balance within the functions of the body. 

  Most conditions are caused by inflammation in the body. By addressing and treating that inflammation, healing can occur. Boosting the immune system can help with allergies such as dry, itchy skin, hot spots, and dermatitis. Gastro-Intestinal issues, sensitive stomachs, pancreatitis. 

  Aging pets or those with specific issues such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, or cancer can benefit from the positive relief found in CBD. 

  Specific behavioral conditions such as anxiety, fear, nervousness can be greatly reduced with regular CBD use. Calming the nervous system to provide relief can make trips to the vet or groomer much more pleasant. Many use it before travel or around the holidays when fireworks or extra company at home create stress. (disclaimer- aggression in pets needs to be addressed by a professional trainer.) 

  So, CBD oil acts as a superfood for the system. Not only used for ailments and common conditions dogs suffer from, but as a preventative to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Look for a quality CBD that is sourced from a USDA certified Hemp farm that guarantees their product is made from all natural, organic ingredients. These will be certified as human grade to provide the most positive results.