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Yummy Combs Canine Dental Treats (Individuals)


Pets Best Yummy Combs MD 8z Flossing Action Reduces Tartar\Plaque

Yummy Combs Protein Formula treats are made with superior quality ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Plus, they’re made of at least 44% protein—a SUPERcopia™ of 12 wellness supplements. No wonder dogs love the taste!Manufactured in the heartland of the USA.

Make daily flossing a real treat for dogs with tasty, nutritious, functional Yummy Combs®. Available in five sizes for small dogs to big best friends.

  • X-Small: 5.5-12 Lbs
  • Small: 13-25 Lbs
  • Medium: 26-50 Lbs
  • Large: 51-100 Lbs
  • X-Large: Over 100 Lbs


6-Way flossing action reaching all around and between teeth

Helps clean teeth from front to back

Massages gums via the deep honeycomb pockets

Nutrient rich SUPERcopia™ of 12 wellness ingredients

Taste dogs love and you can give it once a day

44% protein & all amino acids the top 3 ingredients possess high bio protein values