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Solid Lime Green Dog Collar

Added by request- plain, simple, and functional solid-color adjustable collars- for no nonsense dogs!   This color is a bright but not fluorescent light green- the manufacturer describes it as a "spring green".   The webbing used to create these Lime Green dog collars is milled extra soft and woven extra tightly- creating a collar that is smoother and a bit thinner than most dog collars- but every bit as strong.
This Lime Green Martingale Dog Collar has a non-fluorescent, slightly deeper lime tone that's easy to keep clean is made in North Carolina from a super-soft and extra-smooth webbing woven from strong polyester threads.  Once woven, dye is implanted into the webbing using a process that creates vibrant color that won't scratch, chip, or fade.   Collars feature stainless steel welded hardware and plastic adjustment slides.    Quality Guaranteed .     Machine Wash, Drip Dry. 

Solid lime green collars stand out and look great on many colors of dog, but will especially "pop" on dogs with dark fur. 
Machine washable.   Features a stainless steel D ring for leash attachment, a quick side release buckle closure, and a large range of adjustment.
Teacup -    3/8" x 4"-9"
X-Small -   3/8" x 8"-12"
Small -       3/4" x 10"-14"
Medium -   3/4" x 14"-20"
Large        1" x 18"-28"
 This brand's sizing runs larger than most brands.  A dog who usually wears a large collar may need a medium, a medium dog may need a small, etc.  For your convenience and to ensure a great fit, we've included actual measurements for each size, shown above.