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Orbee-Tuff Foodie Balls Dog Toy


Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® BALL is Extremely durable for strong chewers, minty, buoyant, and recyclable for the most aggressive chewers.

The Orbee-Tuff® Raspberry is the smallest member of the best-selling Orbee-Tuff® Produce Line. This juicy little morsel is perfect for the smallest dogs. The Treat-Spot is perfect for stuffing with Planet Dog Eats, offering small dogs bushels of fun! Get your Vitamin Wag with the Orbee-Tuff® Raspberry, available in bright raspberry pink. Perfect for the smallest dogs at 1.75" high.

Rated 4 out of 5 chompers on the Durability Scale, the Raspberry is a delicious part of a well-balanced play routine. Play safe- For extra small dogs only! 100% GUARANTEED. Any time. Every time. Made in the USA.

Orbee-Tuff SPORT, 2.25” Golfball, Tennis Ball, Baseball, Soccer Ball

For your MVP (Most Valuable Pup). Float, bouncy, infused with natural mint oil. Stuff with treats!

All Orbee-Tuff toys are dishwasher safe. Place on the top rack on a normal wash for regular cleaning.