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Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats - West Paws


Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats***

Treats made the West Paw way: Healthy, Safe and Responsibly. Available in one simple protein recipes and one simple protein with farm-fresh superfoods recipes. All recipes are freeze-dried to safely retain the nutrition of raw, whole foods that dogs love and need. Beef liver, Beef heart, Pork and Duck flavors are humanely raised and sustainably sourced in the USA. Nothing artificial & no preservatives. *Zogoflex toys pictured are not included with treats.


Single Ingredient: Beef liver, Beef heart

Superfood: 1. Duck with sweet potato, carrots, kale, goat milk, & blueberries 2. Pork with sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, goat milk, & blueberries

***Great for use with the following Treat Toys, or Puzzle Toys by West Paws: