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Flexible Slicker Brush - Master Grooming Tools

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Want silky feeling fur on your fur-baby?

Master Grooming Tools™ Flexible Slicker Brushes give you the flexibility you need to deliver superior grooming results without sacrificing your hands and wrists in the process. Flexible brush heads produce less stress on your hands and wrists than traditional fixed slicker brushes. Flexible brushes conform to the contour of the animal.


Smaller, single/hard brushes are ideal for smaller areas/mild mats

Larger, double/hard brushes are ideal for larger areas/coarse coats

Smaller, single/extra-firm brushes are ideal for smaller areas/tough matting

Larger, double/extra-firm brushes are ideal for larger areas/wiry coats

Soft, hard, and extra firm brushes have different colors to make them easily distinguishable.

 Pin length is 3/4".


Double Flexible Slicker Brushes – 8"L x 4"W