Blaze Orange Safety Hunting Center Ring Dog Collar


Made to last, made to use- this collar can handle it all! This style was originally designed for and became popular on hunting dogs and farm/ranch dogs because it will flex side-to-side, roll, and turn inside out if the collar is caught in brush or fence, thus helping a dog escape without harm. This feature is equally valuable in the urban environment for dogs who work or play around obstacles like crates, fences, decks, porches, etc. Constructed by hand by craftsmen in a 3rd generation family business in rural NY state. ‘_ Made with a soft, flexible, and incredibly strong coated polyester webbing encapsulated in a durable, easy to clean material that will not absorb odors and remain flexible even in sub-zero weather. Expect to get years of use from this wonderful collar. Cast steel roller-buckle, dee ring, and O ring. Matches any of our Sparky Leashes in color "orange".   To determine size, measure your dog's neck in inches, and round up to the next even number. Each collar will fit the corresponding neck size and will adjust down to 2 inches smaller than the corresponding neck size. For example: a size 22 will fit a neck that measures up to 22 inches or as small as 20 inches. The size 20 will fit necks 18 inches to 20 inches, a size 18 fits necks 16-18", etc. Made In The Usa

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