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Scary Night Halloween Dog Collar- adjustable or martingale


The spookiest collar we have! Cob-webs, spiders, bats, and howling wolves congregating in a creepy pumpkin patch on a full moon night. This collar has character! Perfect for the dog who loves to get his collar filthy , this collar will stay bright and hide dirt between machine washings.
This collar features an intricate design embedded into the webbing on both sides so it will never scratch or fade. Stainless steel D ring for leash attachment, and a quick snap closure. Fully adjustable.
Sizes:  Teacup - 3/8" x 4"-9"  X-Small - 3/8" x 8"-12"  Small - 3/4" x 10"-14"  Medium - 3/4" x 14"-20" [medium martingales: 1" x 14-20"]  Large 1" x 18"-28". 

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