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Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream Recipe

Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream Recipe

Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream Recipe

Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream Recipe

Because dogs have trouble digesting the lactose in ice cream, it isn’t a fun treat for dogs at all! However, we have several recipes we’ve tested that take all the fun of ice cream and make it into a safe treat you can make for or even share with your dog!

One of our favorite Frosty Paws recipes, (and the go-to recipe if you are trying to copy the commercial treat called Frosty Paws) is:

Recipe For Peanut Honey Yogurt Bones

 32 oz. plain yogurt
1 mashed banana
2 Tablespoons peanut butter
2 Tablespoons honey

1. Mix all these ingredients in your blender, then pour into ice cube trays or even a kong toy to freeze and serve. Be sure the mold you freeze your treat into is either 1. large enough that your dog won’t be able to swallow it whole when frozen solid. or 2. Shaped, like our bone ice cube trays, with slender sections so it can be crunched easier.

2. If you want to go all out for your mutt you can freeze these homemade frosty paws just like you would homemade ice cream. A salt-less automatic ice cream maker makes this as easy as using any other appliance in your home and the frosty paws will be ready to serve in 10 minutes.

For the ultimate treat, appropriate for dessert at a doggy birthday party, follow steps one and two, then take the mostly frozen dog ice cream product of number two and spread it about 1.5 inches thick on wax paper. Freeze for 5-10 minutes and then remove from freezer. Next, use a paw shaped cookie cutter to cut a paw shaped “frosty paws”, remove ice cream around edges, and return paw shapes to the freezer to freeze solid.

Basic Substitutions for Creating your Own Dog Ice Cream Recipes:

Typical Ice Cream includes Dairy (Milk or Cream), Eggs, and Sugar. When making Frosty Paws (a dog friendly alternative to ice cream) you’ll want to subsitute most of those items:


Yogurt is a safe substitute for milk. The probiotics are great for your dog’s digestive health, and this “good bacteria” breaks down most of the lactose by the time the yogurt is served.
Sugar is not safe for dogs, but bananas, berries, apples, and other dog safe fruits can substitute in to make a sweet treat for your dog. A small amount of honey can sweeten the frosty paws while still being healthy for your dog- and is a great way to make the treat a favorite of pets AND kids! Keep in mind that your dog won’t mind if the ice cream isn’t sweet. Savory flavors can be added with low sodium chicken or beef broth, peanut butter, or even (if you are brave enough to prepare it!) liver.
Eggs– Dogs love eggs, and eggs are a fantastic nutritious treat. If you blend your Dog Ice Cream, toss an raw egg in the blender! (If your eggs are organic- include the shell for a boost of calcium that mimics what your pet would get by crunching raw bones in nature- Although some dogs may object to the texture of this addition)


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  1. I bought a golden cocker spaniel puppy(male) 3 days ago. He loves sleeping in laps and has no problem with a crate. He gets sudden bouts to chew on furniture and our slippers and feet. He’s 6 weeks old. We’ve given him 7-8 chew toys, socks but he doesn’t play with them. What should I give him?

    1. Hi Mao,
      I would recommend an antler chew. They are virtually indestructible, our German Shepherd destroys every toy he gets, he loves the antler chews and will work on them all night. They love to chew on the marrow that is still in the bone, which will keep them busy all night. They will not splinter or chip to cause choking, so would be perfect for a young puppy.

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