Sparky's Waterproof Dog Leash


Sparky's Waterproof Dog Leash

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If you love the style and durability of leather leashes but have a dog or a lifestyle that's tough on leather, "Sparky's Choice" material is the perfect alternative!

This leather-like high tech material has the flexibility, thickness, texture, and heft of leather, but is waterproof, UV protected, easy to clean, and won't absorb odors. This leash also remains flexible even in sub-zero weather and will not rot. Perfect for wet climates, cold climates, or for anyone who likes the look of leather but not the maintenance.


Unlike other styles of synthetic leather, the material used for Sparky's Choice leashes and collars is stamped with a leather like grain and created with a method that leaves a soft, dry leather-like feel, never rubbery or plastic-y.


See matching Waterproof Quick Release Collar


measures 3/4" wide and is available in red, black, brown, blue, pink, violet, and hunter's orange.


Can be ordered while Out of Stock. Generally ships within a week.



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