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Leather Cowboy Boot Doggie Training Bells


We love doggie doorbells!   Training your dog to nudge a bell with his nose to signal you he needs to go outside saves the irritation and confusion of whining or barking to go out and the damage that a pawing or scratching signal can cause.

This Cowboy Boot shaped shaped doggie doorbell is a handsome piece of quality leather work with thick, quality bells.   We love these bells for the rich, clear sound they make- unlike comparable products made with imported tin bells.   The leather is thick bridle leather which is rigid and extremely durable.

This dog door bell is designed to hang on doorknobs but can be hung on a nail or hook set father down on the wall for puppies or smaller dogs.   Also perfect for shops, barns, studios, backdoors, or anywhere you'd like to hear a bell sound when the door is opened.