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FURminator Dog Grooming Dual Brush


FURminator Dog Grooming Dual Brush is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

All dogs require grooming, no matter the coat type: thick, curly, fine, silky, straight, or somewhere in between. FURminator's superior dual dog grooming brush features a pin side for long hair and a natural bristle side for finishing, keeping coats clean and healthy. 

This brush in an excellent all around brush that can be used on dogs with almost any type of coat. Best used for regular grooming on short haired dogs to remove debris from the coat and long haired dogs to prevent matting and finish the coat with the bristle side to create a natural shine. 

  • *Helps remove mats, tangles and loose hair
  • *Features a pin brush on one side and bristle brush on the other
  • *Pin brush works on long coated dogs
  • *Nylon bristle brush is an excellent all round brush that can be used on almost any coat type
  • *Removes debris from short coated dogs
  • *Finishes the coat and creates a natural shine for long coats
  • *Designed to follow the natural contours of pet's head and body