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Spindrift Rolled Comfort Collar - For Long Haired Dogs - 10 colors


One of our all time bestselling collars, upgraded with a ultra-strong metal buckle. Freeze-proof and rust-proof, this buckle is perfect for the toughest dogs! Rolled leather collars have always been popular, but can stain a light colored dog and sometimes rot on water-loving dogs. Spindrift solves this problem with their version of this classic.

Includes stainless steel D-ring and slide, with a plastic buckle. Rolled collars are generally used for long haired dogs because they won't cause the tangling, matting, or hair loss flat collars sometimes do on these breeds. By stuffing tubular webbing instead of rolling and stitching, this collar creates a more even coil with no seams along the length to irritate. The buckle and slide are streamlined with no rough stitching to snag fur. Customers rave about this one!

Spindrift collars are manufactured in unique jewel tones and muted color tones. If you need a leash that matches these colors exactly, purchase one of several styles of Spindrift brand leashes. 

Collar Sizes





17" - 20"


20" - 23"
X-Large 23" - 26"