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Solid Kelly Green Dog Collar- adjustable or martingale

A plain, simple, and functional solid-color adjustable collar- for no nonsense dogs! This color is a rich, vibrant kelly green- just a shade darker than grass green. The webbing used to create these Kelly Green dog collars is milled extra soft and woven extra tightly- creating a collar that is smoother and a bit thinner than most dog collars- but every bit as strong. An affordable, quality everyday collar!

Machine washable. Features a stainless steel D ring for leash attachment, a quick side release buckle closure, and a large range of adjustment. 

Teacup - 3/8" x 4"-9" 
X-Small - 3/8" x 8"-12"
Small - 3/4" x 10"-14"
Medium - 3/4" x 14"-20" 
Medium 1/2" x 14"-20"
Large 1" x 18"-28"
This plain kelly green martingale dog collar is a great choice for outfitting your dog in seasonal colors or for trying out a martingale type collar with a very small investment.
  This Kelly Green Martingale Dog Collar has a bold, grass-green tone and is made in North Carolina from a super-soft and extra-smooth webbing woven from strong polyester threads.   Once woven, dye is implanted into the webbing using a process that creates vibrant color that won't scratch, chip, or fade.
Collars feature stainless steel welded hardware and plastic adjustment slides.   Quality Guaranteed .   Machine Wash, Drip Dry.      Solid kelly green collars stand out and look great on many colors of dog, and are one of the most versatile colors, but will especially "pop" on dogs with reddish-brown fur.    New to using a martingale collar? Check out our How a Martingale Works article.
Looking for a buckle-on martingale?   Added by request- as an option..... plain, simple, and functional solid-color buckle on martingale collars- perfect for dogs that need a martingale collar but aren't fans of sitting still to have a collar slipped on over their head.