How To Teach a Dog to Bark to go Outside

Dog Bark to go outside

How To Teach a Dog to Bark to go Outside Teaching your dog to bark to alert you that he needs to go outside might be one of the most useful tricks you can teach and is much easier than you might think, especially if you have a very vocal dog! To teach a dog to bark to go outside, you must break the trick into baby steps. The dog must first be potty trained and also to bark on command. If you live in an apartment, with close neighbors, or currently or might soon have a baby in your home, you may want to teach your dog to whine … Read More

Caring For Starved and Emaciated Dogs

starved dog

Caring for a neglected and starved dog can be difficult but fulfilling work. Outlined below are the steps you can take to help your starved dog through the journey to be healthy and fit. 1. Crisis Intervention If you find a stray obviously neglected and starving your first step is to ensure your own safety – be sure the dog is friendly and if you aren’t sure, handle with extreme caution. First, get the dog indoors right away, starved dogs are extremely sensitive to heat and cold and desperately need to use the calories that keeping warm or panting to cool down would burn. Introduce food to the dog in … Read More

How to Start a Dog Park


If you are interested in starting a dog park the best place to start is by calling the city parks office and inquire whether there is already interest expressed in a dog park, express your own, and feel out the city’s attitude towards starting a dog park. Decide what Type of Dog Park you Want to Start Public Dog Parks Public dog parks are owned and maintained by your city or municipality. Because the park is a public place, anyone and any dog is allowed. There is no fee to use the facility. Vaccination requirements and requirements to pick up waste are nearly impossible to enforce. Legal liability falls upon … Read More

How to Get Rid of Dog Odor in Carpet

dog odor in carpet

You don’t have to be a dog lover to experience problems with frustratingly persistent dog odor lingering on carpets, tiles, and other flooring in your home. Elderly dogs or former tenants who didn’t properly train or appropriately let their dogs out can leave a stinky- but often invisible mess behind. Many new home owners or puppy owners scrub and scrub at spots with various cleaners but never quite eliminate the smell. Why Removing the Odor Matters Odors from dog waste can linger even after the mess and any lingering stain on the carpet is visibly removed. The lingering odors can seriously affect air quality and incite otherwise housebroken dogs to … Read More

Excessive Panting in Dogs

panting dog

Dogs pant when they are hot, but constant excessive panting can also be a symptom of an illness or a sign of stress. If your dog is panting excessively it may or may not be a reason to rush to the emergency vet, but is definitely something to monitor. Panting can be a symptom of lungworm or heartworm, both of which require medical treatment, or a sign of the dog’s heart not beating efficiently enough to fully oxygenate the blood. Examine your dog: Does the panting sound normal or is it masking labored breathing? Does the dog have normal energy? Does the dog have a normal interest in food? When … Read More

List of Hyper Allergenic Dogs

Hyper Allergenic Dogs

Below is a list of Hyper Allergenic dogs. If you are looking for a Hyper Allergenic dog to bring into a home with family members with allergies any of these dogs may be a match for your home. No dog is 100% Hyper Allergenic, but most people allergic to dogs react different ways to different breeds. Even if your allergic family member has a reaction to a particular breed of dog the breeder claims is hyper allergenic that family member may be fine with other breeds deemed hyper allergenic. We are so glad you found our page addressing questions about hyperallergenic dogs and hope this article is helpful, but as … Read More

What to do if a Tick Head is Left in the Skin of your Dog

tick removal

Tick Removal – Uh Oh, What’s That? It’s happened to almost everyone- while petting your dog you find a tick and after the initial “ick” factor, you pull it out- but the tick splits and part is left embedded in the dog’s skin. No matter how carefully or by what method of tick removal you use,  it may be possible to leave part or all of the head behind- especially when removing it from a squirming dog! Some veterinarians might recommend taking the dog immediately to a veterinarian for tick removal – but letting time take its course is probably the best option for a healthy dog. You’ve Removed only Part of … Read More

How to Cover The Smell Outside From Dog Waste

dog poop smell

You care for your home, you maintain your lawn, you have a well groomed, well mannered dog… and every time you step into your backyard you are overwhelmed by the smell of dog poop. It’s a unfortunately reality that although dogs make amazing companions, their waste can send your family or even your neighbors fleeing indoors to escape the smell. Thankfully there are several ways to cover or remove the smell of dog waste left outdoors. Every effective method of controlling the smell of waste involves controlling what the dog is eating. 1. Reducing the smell of dog poop can be achieved by switching to a higher quality food. A … Read More

How to Care for a Dog after her Spay

female dog after spay

Spaying your female dog is usually an easy decision, but is a major surgery which will have a recovery time in which your dog needs some special care. Even though a spay surgery may leave your dog sick for a few days, rest assured it is one of the very best things you can do for her health in the long run. Tips for Care Immediately Post-Spay: Day 1. If possible, pick your dog up from the vet the same day as her operation. Unless your dog had special health circumstances surrounding her spay, insist on taking her home the same day. Unless your vet is staffed 24hrs (this is … Read More

How to Dremel Dog Nails

Dremel Dog Nails

How to Train your Dog to Submit to having their Nails Filed with a Dremel Traditional toenail clipping with guillotine style nail trimmers can be a traumatic and painful experience for many dogs; dremeling is a recently discovered alternative to nail clipping that is easier and safer for the average do-it-yourselfer. Most dogs will need a few desensitizing lessons before willingly accepting their nails being dremeled, but the investment of time is well worth the effort to have short, soft nails and no drama about the process. Do note that the vast majority of dremel style tools sold specifically as nail grinders do not have motors strong enough to grind … Read More