Golden Retriever Dog Collar

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Golden Retriever Dog Collar

This breed dog collar features beautiful full color Golden Retrievers on a durable collar. The dogs on this Golden Retriever collar are posed in an alert stand and separated by flying ducks- symbolizing the Golden Retriever√™s working history. The colorful pattern stands out well against the background even from a distance. Our breed specific dog collars are created using durable, … Read More

What is the Most Obedient Breed of Dog?

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What is the Most Obedient Breed of Dog? Are you considering your first dog, or perhaps a new dog, and dreaming of a superbly obedient dog who pays attention without distraction and eagerly obeys every command? People often want to know which breed of dog will naturally be the most obedient; but Any dog will be obedient if you educate … Read More

Tips for Buying a Dog Collar for a Puppy

Rolled Leather Martingale Dog Collar with Chain

One of our most frequently asked questions over the years is “how do I know what size of dog collar to buy for my new puppy that is coming home in a few weeks?” Calculating Size: Your breeder reports that your 5 week old puppy has a current neck size of 7 inches. You are picking your dog up in … Read More

Golden Retriever Breed Keychain FOB

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Golden Retriever Breed Keychain FOB

This keychain FOB makes a perfect small gift for a Golden Retriever owner or a great way to coordinate with your dog’s collar and leash! To create each key chain FOB, a durable jacquard ribbon is stitched onto soft and strong 1.5″ polyester webbing. Each fob features the same pattern as our matching breed specific collars and lanyards. ¬†