Golden Retriever Dog Collar

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Golden Retriever Dog Collar

This breed dog collar features beautiful full color Golden Retrievers on a durable collar. The dogs on this Golden Retriever collar are posed in an alert stand and separated by flying ducks- symbolizing the Golden Retrieverês working history. The colorful pattern stands out well against the background even from a distance. Our breed specific dog collars are created using durable, size appropriate materials and tightly woven, colorful ribbon. This collar will fit any standard sized Golden Retriever. Available as an adjustable buckle dog collar or matching leash.

What is the Most Obedient Breed of Dog?

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What is the Most Obedient Breed of Dog? Are you considering your first dog, or perhaps a new dog, and dreaming of a superbly obedient dog who pays attention without distraction and eagerly obeys every command? People often want to know which breed of dog will naturally be the most obedient; but Any dog will be obedient if you educate yourself, use these tools, and invest 5-15 minutes everyday in training. A dog can be genetically inclined to be attentive and/or to wish to please its owner, but all dogs must be educated as to what “obedient” is before they can act that way. If your definition of a trainable … Read More

Tips for Buying a Dog Collar for a Puppy

Rolled Leather Martingale Dog Collar with Chain

One of our most frequently asked questions over the years is “how do I know what size of dog collar to buy for my new puppy that is coming home in a few weeks?” Calculating Size: Your breeder reports that your 5 week old puppy has a current neck size of 7 inches. You are picking your dog up in 3 weeks. Multiply 10% weekly growth times 3 = 30% 7 inches + 30% = 9.1 inches. Use this number to select the smallest possible setting for your new puppy’s collar, since they will continue to grow rapidly! 10% growth per week is a rough estimate, at best! Individual dogs … Read More

Golden Retriever Breed Keychain FOB

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Golden Retriever Breed Keychain FOB

This keychain FOB makes a perfect small gift for a Golden Retriever owner or a great way to coordinate with your dog’s collar and leash! To create each key chain FOB, a durable jacquard ribbon is stitched onto soft and strong 1.5″ polyester webbing. Each fob features the same pattern as our matching breed specific collars and lanyards. ¬†