Chihuahua Dog Collar

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Chihuahua Dog Collar

Chihuahuas reconnect with their roots on this Chihuahua breed dog collar. Black and White Chihuahuas pose with hot tamales on this bright red leash and collar set. This collar and leash is sized just right for your Chihuahua and is sure to make them the envy of the neighborhood. Our breed specific dog collars are created using durable, size appropriate materials and tightly woven, colorful trim. Available in adjustable buckle dog collars or matching leashes. leash and collar sold separately To purchase both, first add collar to cart, then return and add leash to cart.

Tips for Buying a Dog Collar for a Puppy

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One of our most frequently asked questions over the years is “how do I know what size of dog collar to buy for my new puppy that is coming home in a few weeks?” Calculating Size: Your breeder reports that your 5 week old puppy has a current neck size of 7 inches. You are picking your dog up in 3 weeks. Multiply 10% weekly growth times 3 = 30% 7 inches + 30% = 9.1 inches. Use this number to select the smallest possible setting for your new puppy’s collar, since they will continue to grow rapidly! 10% growth per week is a rough estimate, at best! Individual dogs … Read More